cyber nymph garden

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hello! i’m lucía (sheher) also known as lily ange aurore & gadevoi *ଯ(ˇ````ˇ)ഒ* i am: 📡 a nymph in the angel choir (singing lullabies of miracles and curses) a part-time rave fairy (finding love and beauty in the club) 🌊 an aspiring guiding star (a glimmer showing me the way in dark nights) ((ଘ( ˊ▽ˋ )ଓ)) i currently live in brussels, belgium

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this is my personal website discover the secret pages by walking through the garden , or listen to my 𝄞 mixes . i update this site unfrequently! you will usually find a timestamp at the top of the page to give you a sense of how up to date the information might be

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find me elsewhere on the web: ** 🔗 t. 🔗 🐦 🔗 📸 🔗 🌊 🔗