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πŸ’§ my brain πŸ’§ as an exposed PCB πŸ’§  whose subcircuits πŸ’§ are randomly bridged πŸ’§ by falling raindrops πŸ’§ electrical signal πŸ’§ crystallising πŸ’§ annealing πŸ’§ wetware πŸ’§


raindrops in the sunlight 🌦 the scent of a thousand forgotten stories 🏞 our feet in the river in the pulsating heat 🧊 running in the forest on the hunt for dragons ⚑ counting the seconds between flash & thunder, feels simultaneously like ten seconds and ten thousand years


🐁 tonight i am the tiniest mouse
βšͺ ball of fur breathing so fast
πŸ’¨ and the waves of air that splash
🌫️ out its snout through the house


echoes of something
                            I dont remember 
                a wall clock

       a corridor stretching into
          mist        πŸ’­
  if i walk out of this house
will this all still exist


🌞🌻 cute couples sitting in the park, kissing in the sun β›² babies rolling around and eating the grass🌻🌞
πŸ’›πŸŒ± seven friends playing dixit and drinking mate πŸŒ±πŸ’›