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emo covers on tumblr and field recording nostalgia, a third of a collaborative m1cr0ch1ps mix for offline meeting point

  1. Evening of Light - not going anywhere [bc]
  2. AlienTHeam - Tokio Hotel: Durch den Monsun (Lullaby Version) [sc]
  3. extract of an interview with Adam Zaretsky from Love and Radio’s “Doing The No No” [x]
  4. galen tipton - fossil blood (w Nmesh) [bc]
  5. 500 + Teen Vague - bleeding love [sc]
  6. dasychira - dDream [sc]
  7. nowadays deactivated tumblr account ‘pholus’ - plague (Crystal Castles cover) (i hope you like it now)
  8. yyed - ridges protruding from a surface [sc]
  9. seely_sangl - la voisine demande que je baisse le son mais c les lullabies dans ma tete je peux pas turn off [sc]
  10. VA - i miss you (blink 182 cover in the park, glittrfae’s summer field recording edition)
  11. claire rousay - it was always worth it [bc]
  12. adamhosack - cemetery drive (my chemical romance cover)
  13. Bby Eco - ‘The Garden As A Shapeshifter’ [sc]
  14. George McCoy - Poor Kelly Blues (from Folk Music in America, Vol. 9 - Songs of Death & Tragedy) [x]
  15. Quarantine Quintet - JUST LIKE WE NEVER SAID GOODBYE (SOPHIE cover, Arr. Dena Van Canneyt) [yt]

This mix was my part of a 3-part mix for offline meeting point in barcelona, neopets rave and ++juanitaa++ as the m1cr0ch1ps collective. Listen to the full mix here:

offline meeting point · M1CR0CH1PS * M1CR0P1LL3D

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