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some mixes and mixtapes i made during the years.

DJ - ̗̀꒰ᐢ • ˕ • ᐢ꒱ ̖́- - 7soiréeL4
30/10/2021 tracklist
recorded live at s0 y3st3rd4y 30.10.2021

DJ ✩•̩̩˚ଘo(∗ x ᵕ x )੭່˙ᴵˈ˚. - M1CR0P1LL3D
01/03/2021 tracklist
emo covers on tumblr and field recording nostalgia, a third of a collaborative m1cr0ch1ps mix for offline meeting point

DJ (o˘◡˘o) - oarser's sirenson / siren's cradlesong
26/10/2020 tracklist
a mix about staring at the ocean, singing yourself to sleep, and the stories we tell about loss

mix 4 Leaving Living Dakota
15/05/2020 tracklist
live on radio-40.ch

amorphous / crystaline
01/05/2020 tracklist
live on twitch on the first of may 2020

dj xx__xx [live on twitch]
20/03/2020 tracklist
live during the twitch quarantine party

best of 2016
01/01/2017 tracklist
1 h of my favorite tracks of 2016

untitled mix
26/04/2016 tracklist
before it was called conceptronica

❄️ G L A S ❄️
16/12/2015 tracklist
*frost bells, the clear sounds of a cold winter sunrise*

blue side
3/11/2014 tracklist
a mix about soft blue nights with hope and acceptance