alphabetized index

file last modified: Tuesday 30/11/2021 22:27 CET

I created a new page with an alphabetized index of each file and document on this website. While I still very much like the garden as a navigation interface, it leads to fun exploration and spontaneous discovery, but it is not very practical as a way to access pages that you already know about, but don’t remember the url. The index fixes this. Also, the garden has to be manually maintained (tended to), while the index is automated—some might say that having to tend to the garden is part of the point of the garden, and they would be correct.

I have made the choice of indexing html pages as well as other text documents, with some extras like zip archives. Images or audio files are not indexed, as they are too numerous and not that interesting without the context of the html pages they are in.

Have fun exploring 😉