albums of the year 2021

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my favourite musical releases of 2021 in no particular order

The title links to a place to buy or stream it (usually bandcamp). The embedded player has a notable track from the album. Thank you to all the amazing musicians. Enjoy 🙂

you can find the previous years here.

Petal Supply - 1 (feat. umru, Himera & trndytrndy)
this single has the most beautiful build you'll hear all year

aya - im hole
slow and heavy and fast and distorted, something we've all felt this year

Bby Eco - Grow!
hyperfresh bubbly seedling pop

Danny L Harle - Harlecore
huge rave anthems

Porter Robinson - Nurture
sentimental introspective glitchy blisspop

salome - Something But Plausible
heartfelt songs with beautiful production & dnb elements

torus - Pavillion (47.494044, 11.166015)
audio collage field recording green pastures

Lucy Liyou - Practice
emo ambient slice of life

Doss - 4 New Hit Songs
4 perfect dance tracks

i also have to shout out DJ G2G for all the amazing tracks, edits, remixes and DJ sets.

DJ G2G · 。.*・DJ G2G @@@ TUKIO RADIO 27・08・2021*。d[╹◡╹]b。・:*:♪・゚’☆