gadevoi live @ péridion

file last modified: Monday 8/11/2021 17:08 CET

i was invited by 📡 la satellite to perform at the month-long science fiction art exhibition péridion 🌀, which ran from september 9th 2021 to october 1st 2021. i played to concerts as gadevoi, on september 24th and for the closing party at october 1st.

it was my first concert where i sang in years i’m very happy about how it went 🙂 here are some recordings from my live performances:

1 if i hold myself tight i will be safe in my dreams (live at péridion)
2 forever and ever, i promise (cover of user-411453200, live at péridion)
3 untitled (live at péridion)
4 la forêt secrète (live at péridion)